Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Ways to Use Area Rugs to Enhance Your Interior

One element that you can introduce into your interior design scheme that always enhances your home’s aesthetic is a classic area rug. Professional decorators will always have an area rug in mind when designing a space, as it is an essential piece in their toolset, a home accessory that should be more than an afterthought, as with all home accent pieces. Whether bold or subdued, your area rug can “pull together” seemingly disparate elements of your home d├ęcor. Bold geometric patterns can “wake up” your room while smaller ones in neutral tones can have a calming effect. There are numerous reasons to purchase an area rug for your home, and not all of them involve leaving them on the floor. Curious? Continue reading to learn how to use an area rug to appreciate the character of your home.
 Bold area rug

An Area Rug as Your Room’s Focal Point

Perhaps the simplest use for a beautiful area rug is to place it in the center of your sitting room or living room, to serve as the room’s focal point. Connect every furnishing component together by placing the front feet of your seating and end tables just over the edge of the rug, orbreak the rules and keep everything off the edge by a few inches. In either case, a complementary area rug that matches your existing furniture helps to anchor the room by drawing the eye toward the center, allowing each individual piece to unite as a whole.
 Repeating pattern area rug

Think Outside the Box with Your Area Rug

Of course, there are more interesting and creative means to use an area rug in your interior. One such way is to hang your area rug on the wall for a unique alternative to wall art on canvas. Hanging your area rug can also separate large, open plan spaces as an intriguing substitute for wooden room dividers. Anyone who notices your area rug, whether on the floor, the wall, or hanging from the ceiling, will certainly bring it up, thus making something you otherwise would have taken for granted into a fun conversation piece!
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