Thursday, September 28, 2017

Budget-Friendly Ways to Update Your Living Room Décor

Are you tired of your current living room décor? Do you have sofas or other living room furnishings that are beginning to look dull or worn out? While redoing an entire living room is the ultimate home furnishing dream, limited funds can often make that option an impossibility. When purchasing a completely new furniture set is out of the question, consider adding new home accents to your living room instead. Our home accents are affordably priced, and though many of them may be small, they can have a large impact on your overall décor.

Enhance Your Living Room with Wall Art

There’s no easier way to instantly enhance your living room décor than buying a set of attractive wall art. Wall art not only adds beauty to a room, but it also adds to the atmosphere, making it more warm and personal. At Curly’s Furniture, we have an extensive collection of artwork, including patterned canvases, abstract watercolors, and even dramatic black and white photography. Choosing a set of wall art that reflects your own personal style will give your living room added character and make it feel uniquely your own. 

Update Your Sofa with Decorative Pillows and Throws

If you have a sofa that looks a bit bare or is beginning to show signs of wear and tear, there are other, more inexpensive options than buying a new one. For a sofa that is looking a bit drab, a set of decorative pillows can work wonders. Decorative pillows will not only provide a pop of color, but then will also make your sofa look more sophisticated and put-together. If your sofa is beginning to look a bit worn or faded, you can actually mask these unseemly flaws with an elegant throw. You can drape a throw over the arm of a sofa, drape it across the center, or use it in numerous other ways. Our home furniture store has a variety of cozy throws available in a range of colors and textures.

Invest in an Accessory Set

If you are looking for a way to really round out your living room décor, consider purchasing an accessory set. Our accessory sets include various coordinating combinations of vases, candleholders, picture frames, and more. By purchasing a complete accessory set, as opposed to just one or two random accents, your living room will appear more polished and complete. We have dozens of accessory sets to choose from in both contemporary and traditional styles.

If you are ready to liven up your living room décor, come to Curly’s Furniture, where you will find an extensive selection of affordable home accents that you are sure to love. Visit us in DeKalb, IL or at any one of our three furniture showrooms