Wednesday, May 22, 2019

In Praise of the Living Room Chaise: Beauty & Luxury

Sure, anyone can get another sofa or armchair, but luxurious living room chaises set your space apart as having design distinction! Here are some reasons for you to consider purchasing a red velvet or leather button tufted chaise lounge from Curly’s Furniture when it’s time to upgrade your front room seating for style and comfort.

button tufted living room chaise

Even a Small Chaise Lounge Makes a Room Seem Larger

If the room your realtor or landlord described as cozy is in fact cramped, part of the charm of backless living room chaises is that they seem to float in the room, giving the optical illusion of more floor space as well as a chance to recline gracefully on your leather psychiatrist chair or teal chaise settee. In small rooms, conventional couches and recliners loom too large like a bull in a china shop. And if you spring for a small chaise lounge with storage, you ARE freeing up more floor space even for dancing, because no more distracting clutter!

traditional fabric living room chaise

Try a Chaise Lounge Chair for More Versatility

Not only is a new modern black leather chaise lounge less imposing than a conventional sofa. When you get a living room chaise instead, you are upping your entertainment space’s versatility. The typical indoor chaise lounge is lighter and thus more mobile than the usual seating choices.

modern beige living room chaise

A Sturdy Living Room Chaise Is Perfect for Reading

When you lie on a microfiber chaise lounge chair or other design of your choice, you get the double bonus of body support so you can read with your head upright AND the relaxation of stretching out, much more easily than on a conventional loveseat, for example. Put a lamp next to your Victorian style chaise lounge and you’ve got a wonderful mini-retreat for study and meditation.

gray midcentury style living room chaise

Unusual Living Room Chaises Are Conversation Pieces

With their decadent-looking curves and other design details, the right living room chaises relieve the monotony of a room that’s too often all squares and rectangles in its interior design. They say the coolest living rooms resemble art galleries, and a piece of furniture with sculpture-like visual interest accomplishes that.

From modern faux leather to fuchsia plush upholstery, you’ll find the living room chaise you want for a fair price at our DeKalb, IL furniture store.