Monday, December 2, 2019

Get a Beautiful LED Fireplace Insert to Warm Up YOUR Winter

It’s not too late to get a beautiful LED fireplace insert to make YOUR home more inviting and literally warmer for the holidays! Curly’s Furniture know how important your home’s ambience is when entertaining family and friends. That’s why we keep our Illinois furniture stores well stocked with amenities such as artificial fireplaces to make your home the showplace it should be.

Infrared LED fireplace insert

Reasons to Get a Fireplace Insert

Love the homey feel of a fireplace but hate the upkeep and the safety hazard? An LED fireplace insert might be right for you. These marvels use a safe electric heater and refracted light to give you the illusion of lovely flames. Our selection of fireplace inserts comes in a variety of sizes and designs to match any decor. The heat generating equipment in your new artificial fireplace uses either directly electrified coils or infrared technology, rays that heat copper coils, for instance. Fans then push the heat into your room. You can control both the amount of heat generated and the look of the flames with easy-to-use controls. This control can include timing the lights’ flickering and using random refraction to look just like a real hearth with a comforting, warming fire. Resin logs can complete your artificial fireplace’s look. Most such devices simply plug into the wall outlet; no need to worry about a chimney and its cleaning. Sometimes you can even fit an LED fireplace insert into a real one. Because the heating is encased in the unit, LED fireplaces are safer than real flames in homes with children and pets. Your new artificial fireplace will also be cost-effective, less money to run than a real fireplace or coal-burning stove. And compared to the cost of installing a real fireplace and chimney, it’s an incredible bargain! Save money through the years on the cost of firewood too. Shop smart at Curly’s and enjoy a new LED fireplace for less than half the manufacturer’s suggested price!

Check out our LED fireplace options for YOUR living room or TV room at our Streator, IL store. We are guaranteeing delivery on ALL in-stock items by Christmas!