Thursday, December 2, 2021

Reasons to Get a Fireplace Insert from Curly’s Furniture This Winter

 The great news about getting an efficient and attractive LED fireplace insert for your TV stand at Curly’s Furniture is Illinois’ infamous cold snaps won’t catch you off guard anymore. Even if the furnace is on the blink you can count on UL-approved products from our Streator and DeKalb, IL furniture stores giving your room the heat you need and a wonderful, nostalgic look besides. This can be the main heat source for a room, no problem. Here are some of the reasons you should considering buying one from our friendly discount store if you don’t already have one of course.

LED infrared fireplace insert


Heat Advantages of Our LED Fireplace Inserts

In our harsh Midwestern climate not moderated by a nearby ocean, an effective heat source for your home is a must for your safety. For example, even one of our smaller infrared fireplace inserts throws off 5386 BTU, using 1500 watts. That easily keeps a 1000-square-foot room nice and toasty. That’s right: this little dynamo will ably warm up your home’s biggest room. What’s more, an advantage to our electric fireplaces over gas and other options is safety including if you share your home with children or pets. Even though your new fireplace insert is heating your space, the glass front remains cool. Of course take the normal precautions keeping a safe distance from a heat source and keeping flammable materials away. But when you pay less for a cool modern fireplace/TV stand setup you have the perfect balance of comfort and safety at your service. Another advantage of these babies is you don’t need a chimney to operate them. Your new heat source is also uber-efficient as no hot air is vented outside where it can’t warm you. Furthermore, these are simple to install, right out of the box, to fit into their space in your entertainment center. Plug it into a regular 120-volt wall outlet and you’re good to go. So go for the budget-friendly, low-maintenance solution for your room’s heat this winter.

TV stand with fireplace insert


Our Fireplace Inserts Look Great Too!

A huge reason our artificial fireplaces are so popular in the winter is aesthetic. Do you love the look and feel of a roaring hearth but dread the upkeep, ugh, cleaning, as well as fear the safety risk? No worries when you buy UL-tested equipment from our showrooms. One of our popular LED fireplaces in a TV stand offers you 7 temperature settings and even controls how the flames and glowing embers appear. A programmable timer has a shutoff setting so you can operate this fireplace worry-free. And of course our many LED fireplace inserts are a chance for you and someone special to live a scene right out of classic-style movies, cuddling and more beside a roaring fire! The Curly’s Furniture difference means you can have it all affordably, and never forget that we match prices so you’ll always come out a winner.

electric fireplace insert


Find the best artificial fireplace for your room’s needs for much less at Curly’s Furniture!