Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Handling Change: Transitioning Your Kids’ Room Into a Grown-Up Guest Room

Change is ALWAYS difficult. Few changes are more bittersweet than watching your youngsters grow up and leave home. It’s an amazing transformation as your child navigates rapid growth from sprawlingly playful and exuberant pre-teen and tween years into unsure, awkward adolescence and emerges a well-rounded young adult. That makes furnishing your kids’ room an extra challenge. However, with some judicious planning and a careful eye, choosing versatile kids’ room furniture you can continue using once your offspring are on their own needn’t be a headache. At Curly’s Furniture we’ve helped countless families in your situation so here’s another dose of free advice.

twin sleigh bed set

Choosing Bedroom Furniture to Stand the Test of Time

My, how the years fly by! Seems like yesterday you were having a baby shower and arranging the nursery with adorable toys and practical goodies around the crib. Blink, and your cantankerous toddler is getting his own bedroom, maybe with fun bunk beds or a favorite kids’ theme such as race cars or My Little Pony. Then in a flash it all became way too babyish and your hard-headed daughter was rushing headlong into trying to be a grownup. Enough to make your head spin, right? We’ve been there. More important right now, your child’s growth spurt into a teenager gives you a leg-up for when he or she is trying out independence. The sturdy twin bedroom set you choose can either last you many decades longer as a guest bedroom or your grown children can use it for THEIR blooming youngsters. The cycle of life stops for no one!

butterfly wall art

Versatile Home Accents That Are Still FUN!

That said, being grown-up for a teenager’s bedroom or guest room doesn’t rule out fun. Choose appropriate home accents such as wall art to add some pop-art coolness and splashes of color to brighten the day of whoever is using your space. Life’s changes can be enjoyable after all.

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